2.1 Surround system for PC

    I have seen the following at Amazon…-19 Click but I don't like the idea that is comes from PixMania as I have had trouble with them before. I can find it for around the same price elsewhere but does anyone have anything that they would recommend for about the same price?



    I'd be taking a good look at the logitech Z4 speakers

    The sattellites have that "piano style" coating which attracts fingerprints, which is perhaps the only down-side: you do, however, get some very good sound.

    The sony SRSD211 aren't as big as the phillips or the logitechs (the logitech in particular have quite a large sub), and don't pack quite as big a punch, but have some good underlying quality.

    If you can accommodate a 5.1 set, then the logitech X-540 is the pick of the bunch at low-end price points (creative simply aren't as good as they once were)

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    Thanks for those spheric, I will have a look at prices.
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