£210 - xbox 360 premium???

I just bought an xbox 360 premium with a control and call of duty game, brand new unopened from ebay for £210 plus i payed £18 p & p, was it a good price???


Not a bad price - if you can trust the seller... There's a premium with no game for £195 knocking about on here & you could probably pick up CoD3 for £20-ish

So you paid £228? If so its a decent deal but i would have gone with the £195 for the premium alone and brought CoD3 alone.

send it back lol

At the end of the month the Premium is going "Pro" with 2 games (I think Forza 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance) for under £200. Probably £195 from what I have read

It depends - you have to make these decisions based on what you know at the time. If this was the cheapest price you could find at the time then yes it was a good buy.

However if you have a little patience virtually anything can be bought new from deals posted on this site cheaper than ebay....for instance the package you bought from Ebay was on sale in Toys-r-us (£199) and posted on here a month or so ago...

Don't beat yourself up because its now available cheaper - just enjoy your Xbox

BTW COD3 is a great online game

Wasn't that the one Toys R Us were clearing out for £199 a while back?
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