£21,000 MOBILE PHONE!! WOW!!!!!!!

    The "Vertu" phone is made of titanium, and costs £21,000. Somehow I don't think it will end up in the free 12 month contracts thread, but you'll never know!

    Have a look at the site, and take good browse.


    Some how I don't thing so

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    It's true. £21,000. AMAZING! They've sold 21 at a shop in Manchester.

    wow thats crazy expensive

    No camera, no MP3 player... heh, I think Ill stick with a k750i

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    LOL £21000 just to talk

    Looks like its only a Sim Free. One thing I can't believe is that you get the phone... but data cable sold seperatly! Also no MP3 ringtones, also if the weight is the combination of what they have given (how much platinum, gold etc.) then the phone weighs 1.1kg? That can't be right!

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    There's a new version now. Still no MP3!!

    Think I'd want a home cinema surround sound, super hifi, soundproof room [so I can have my music as loud as I want without annoying the neighbours :D] But forget about the mp3 for that money. I wonder if anyone who has one, will complain about their phone bill each month hehe.

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    LOL. Celebs are buying them apparantly. I suppose that the kind of people who buy them have expensive MP3 players and also limos stocked full of stuff, so all they're bothered about is the design. The materials they're made from are amazing; a lot of titanium there so you can drop it as many times as you like.


    For that money it'd better bounce right back up again!


    From what I heard, there is a magic button called Concierge. They (Vertu/Nokia) run worldwide service which is only accessible from these phones. So if your Champaigne is not cold enough or your limo did not arrived on time, call them and they will sort it out

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    Oh yes, so thay do. I forgot all about that but I remember hearing it on the news when I first heard about the news.
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