21st Birthday Present Ideas

    It's my step-daughter's 21st birthday next month and we are struggling with gift ideas. Obviously, with it being a 'big' birthday we want to get her something special. However, not in a position to be spending lots of money. Probably up to £200. I know jewellery is a likely choice but she is quite materialistic as already has Pandora charm bracelets and designer handbags (all bought with her student loan!). Any suggestions would be most gratefully received.


    Private reg. DVLA all things included at £250 but quite a lot of choice if she has a new style plated car..... I wanted one for my 18th and 21st but never got one.

    Otherwise jewellry but that's difficult as we all have our own taste... x

    How about £200

    If she's a girly girl could pay for her to have a photo shoot done. Some friends had some really nice modern pictures done?


    They can be but you usually pay big money for those ones! you can get something more subtle like initials/ birthday date etc.

    Jeremy kyle boxset

    Decent bottle of champagne?

    How about a bottle or 2 of Cristal from the year she was born?


    Where do you live?- I'll come and give her a good present (joking aside, I had a hot air balloon trip )

    Mini Convertible

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    Like the idea of a personalised number plate - her Father & I both have plates which look like our surname. She always wanted a similar one when we bought her her car. Just checked on DVLA website & there's a couple available for £250. Thanks for the ideas.
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