21st Present Idea's

    Hi all, need your little grey cells!

    My daughter is 21 in a few days and I'm trying to think of something to give her as a present. I would like it to be something to keep, after all your only 21 once.

    Money's a bit tight so something under £50.00.

    Was thinking of a piece of jewellery.
    My daughter is a quiet, but funny (funny hilarious) girl, she's not big & showy offy.

    Any idea's would be welcome. Cheers and thanks in advance for all your help, it's very much appreciated.

    xx JC



    pandora is well in at the mo, tiffany a little expensive for your budget, what about a charm?

    its a little bit over budget, but a pandora bracelet would be a good idea,

    The bracelets are £55 and charms start from about £18 each.

    You could get her a charm every birthday.

    Watch out for fakes though,

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    Under £50 for her 21st? i cant think of much. Could family all chip in and hire a limo/party bus for the evening, im sure she would appreciate that. Have a theme where they are all dressed up as say army girls etc.. then hit the town afterwards. The photos of her and her friends on a 21st night out will remain for life and its not to dear to even hire them.

    I love my pandora bracelet. Mine is silver and pink, completed it last christmas, im hopeing santa will bring me another one this year so i can do silver and blue!

    I agree with the above posts - Pandora bracelets are lovely and you can add every year with the more expensive beads. There's all different themes of charms too. I'm hoping Santa may bring me one this year too

    Or a watch that's been engraved with your daughters name, the occasion, date and from whom


    dont know if you have seen this, someone posted in thread saying they got braclet and one charm plus two spacers for £70 odd…493

    from thread


    I got the bracelet, heart charm and 2 spacers for £72. I am guessing this … I got the bracelet, heart charm and 2 spacers for £72. I am guessing this will be the same pack as it was reduced from £130 so advertising as 3 charms is a bit misleading.

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