22-24'' Monitor, buy from Comet or elsewhere?

    Hi all,

    I still have my 30% discount code for comet and I am after a decent monitor 22-24 that will be used to play Xbox 360 games and internet browsing (PC). The highest my budget will go is £130 meaning I can buy something from comet valued at approx £185 or elsewhere for £130.

    Ive seen the following at comet...

    (1) Kenmark 22LVD46D…ion

    (2) HP2159M…59M

    My dilemma is that I think I could potentially find a better monitor elsewhere for £130, does anyone agree with that?

    Is buying a monitor from comet worthwhile, because they seem a little overpriced?

    If you were to buy a monitor from comet what could you buy?

    Thank you for any ideas/suggestions


    i would think buying a monitor elsewhere would be better, i just bought the kenmark as a tv for bedroom as it has built in freeview and dvd.

    lucky you getting the 30% off though, I hope you can make use of it ;-)

    The HP2159M is an excellent monitor and at £160+ from pretty much anyone else your 30% off at Comet still gives you a great overall deal at £126 net with free delivery if you pick the right day (or collect from store of course).
    Good input selection, a better than Dell response time and 60hz 1920x1080 picture make it an even better deal.
    Crikey, I paid more than that for a 19" non-HD monitor less than a year ago.....


    (1) Kenmark 22LVD46D…ion

    (2) HP2159M…59M

    The Kenmark is a TV and being only 768 pixels high you might find it a bit cramped for web browsing, although it won't affect your console.

    The HP is disappointing in that I'd expect a decent stand for that price. It's also unusual in that it's got a glossy screen. Most monitors are matt so they don't reflect as much and are easier to use but some people feel that a glossy screen gives a better picture. Personally I'd go for usability first and image quality second, bear in mind this is still a relatively cheap screen so you're not going to get perfectly accurate (or even consistent) colours.

    1050 and 1080 pixel high monitors start at around £120-130 for a decent brand so even if the Comet ones are overpriced you're not going to get much better elsewhere generally with your budget.
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