No deposit required, just click link on top cashback and register your details.


nice done it, you have to set up a Direct Debit for £10 however i will be canceling this, good find OP

signed up thanks. as said above had to setup dd but will be cancelling asap. the £22 is already tracking

Good idea but I see a lot of declined transactions. They obviously take weeks to confirm and its easy to see those which have not properly subscribed.

That said. Ive tried and its tracked with estimated 8 week payment

So this £10 DD - does that just sit on your account, withdraw-able at any time?

No play required?

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I just rang them, basically you place a 1 bet on normal pools and when you get to the payment select the dd option that is on the right tab. Input your dd details and complete the transaction. Then i immediately rang them and came my dd, it took leterally 3 mins on the phone and they were fine I nothing has or will leave my bank. Not sure if you have to do this but done it just in case, worth £22 for 5 mins

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"Cancelled" not came lol

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Just set a reminder for 5 days on your phone, if it hasn't tracked just raise it with top cash back

Just cancel the DD with bank. No need to call them....

Don't quote me but I think you need to complete a month to qualify, but still you get £22 cashback but need to pay £10 which is the first DD payment....They are not really clear on how it works, also TCB website has an 8 week wait for payment. So maybe you need 2 months DD... Either way your still getting several pools bets for nothing.

Declined tcb

just checked mine and its been confirmed. i decided to let the first d/d go out at £9.
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