22" LCD Monitor with TV Tuner. (Poss HD)

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Found 15th Apr 2007
After i posted a great deal from play.com " 22"LG monitor with tv tuner" for £199 (now £229.99) i was wondering if anyone else had seen any similar offers as my girlfriend has give me the go-ahead to spend £230 MAX on a monitor, i would like it to have TV Tuner so i can plug my xbox360 into it.
HD would be nice but obviously for this price, not required.

£230 MAX people, thanks!!


Just get a VGA splitter and use and advanced VGA cable and wire up the sound to some cheap speakers.

I think any monitor 17"+ can display in HD, (Could be wrong but if it displays 1028x1024 then surely this is HD?)

Unless you mean a HDMI input but then you could use a HDMI to DVI cable.

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sorry guys i really dont understand.
I want to use it as a monitor, tv and a screen so that it turns my xbox360 into HD. Any ideas?

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