22" or greater Flat Screen Monitor Needed Please


    Please could you guys n girls tell me of any great deals for PC monitors of 22" or greater, idealy with an input for XBOX 360, or PS3.

    Thank You

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    What is your budget?

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    Idealy around 300GBP or less, saw the 22" listed the other day for 199.99 now 239.99 on I would like to know wheather there are any better deals.


    Kevlar Engineer

    22" tend to range from about £150 to £350, 24" upwards of this. They are quite different as 22" is large dot-pitch and 24" fine dot-pitch; makes a difference when you are using it as a monitor. The Xerox 22" from ebuyer has been available for £155 on both the previous 'happy hours' which seem to be every fortnightg at the moment; this only has analogue inputs but i think this would be fine for a 360 and is a good benchmark price anyway.…980 (Don't buy it at £185 but has been £155!)

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    Whast the difference between large and fine dot-pitch?? do u think the LG M228WA 22" Widescreen LCD Monitor With TV Tuner is good at 230GBP after google checkout???…tor

    Thanks Kevlar Engineer

    Basically both 20" and 22" monitors offer a native resoultion of 1680 x 1050, so with 22" monitors the pixels are slightly bigger (.29mm apart as opposed to .25mm apart); similar to the difference between 17" and 19" monitors which both run at 1280 x 1024. Makes the biggest difference when you are using it as a monitor (for reading text etc); if you plan to sit within about 3 foot of the monitor you may find 20" better, otherwise I'd go for 22". The jump from 22" to 24" raises the resolution to 1920 x 1200 (and hence a fine ~.25mm pitch again) but also seems to double the cost, so 22" definately seems the better value to me (although some people are very concerned about having the full '1080' HD resolution which you only get with the 24"+ models).

    Not really certain about the LG, it looks a nice enough display but you may find better value if you wait a bit; I'm looking for a similar monitor myself but I'm hanging fire for a bit as don't think the deals are 'hot' enough just at the moment. I'm waiting for a decent branded one with at least DVI and analogue inputs for under £170....

    Theres the Samsung 215TW, only 21" but its supposed to be one of the best sub 22" monitors on the market! It has VGA, DVI, Component, S-Video and Composite ports too so you can connect just about any AV device to it!
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