224 Chelsea European Cup final tickets for Sale.... Going cheap!

    Ho hum!…stm

    More than 200 football fans have given up hope of reaching the Champions League final after their chartered flight to Moscow was cancelled.

    The 224 Chelsea supporters were stranded at Gatwick airport for about six hours before finding out they would not reach the UEFA final at 1945 BST.

    About 30 police officers were called out after reports of disturbances but there was no serious trouble.

    An airport spokesman said there was a hydraulic fault with the plane.


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    ]Direct Link...

    (Not to be confused with direct flight!)

    HaHa 200 less ChelSCUM supporters, Never mind

    awww i feel sorry for them, bet they are gutted


    HaHa 200 less ChelSCUM supporters, Never mind

    From a genuine Manure "stay at home" supporter. Probably living nearer to Gatwick than Manchester. :roll:


    HaHa 200 less ChelSCUM supporters, Never mind

    What? And the appropriateness for this was?

    At least they tried to go, unlike you glory supporters who say 'I SUPPORT MANCHESTER UNITED'.

    But Obviously aren't in moscow or attempted to get to moscow.

    Half you fans, and probably including you have never been to a united match in your life.

    I've been to about 5 and I wouldn't dream of supporting such an over the top team.

    Personally, I think you should leave before you get 100 posts.

    I Would Be Gutted :x

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    I Would Be Gutted :x

    Me too! As Tom said, they made the effort to go and the fact they wont get there is hardly their fault. With their luck they will probably watch it on a big screen that will fail 5 minutes before kick off!

    I can't stand United.

    They're a decent side,

    But their fans let them down tremendously.

    Come on the chelsea!

    I would cry .... a lot!!

    Gutted Much?
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