225/40/18 tyres best price? high speed rating just in case i get ambushed by terrorists

Found 24th Jan 2009
i need some tyres for my focus st probably 4 i dont know if to spend £100 per tyre and get f1s or just bang some £50 ones on maxis or somert like that ,any1 know of any good deals in the north west but dont say kwikfit i would rather watch lfc than buy from there thankyou
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You are so polite! to say thank you after all that.... come on the reds (of man u!) woo hoo!

(can't help with tyres, only to say have sold the galaxy we had because was fed up with price of tyres.....)

Good luck tho x
If you can get F1's for a £100 a corner I'd go with that. Don't think you will find a tyre of less than W rated in that size anyway.
wat does the ST max out at anyway?
would Z rated tyres not do the job then?

have you tried:



i get my falkens Z rated cheaper at my local garage than this place, but their prices seem to be very competitive.
the porter;4175965

im hoping to get like i said a maxis or falcon tyre but i will start with … im hoping to get like i said a maxis or falcon tyre but i will start with my local private dealer tomorrow and see what they offer

Well if your intending to be warping about you wont get that much mileage out of the falcons and I wouldn't touch maxxis tyres with a bargepole.
Don't cheap out. The cheaper tyre will have a more durable compound that won't grip as well, which will annoy you. Plus if you have a blow out, it will cost you more in insurance excess.
wwhy on earth would anyone spend that much on a car, and want to go fast in it, then want to put budgets on it? its like have lobster served on a plate made of s*!t lol it doesnt matter how good the car it, those 4 rubber boots are the only contatc you have with the road, stick some **** budgets on and your just asking to end up in a ditch if you drive fast, i just had to change my car from the budgets that i bought it with to some decent tyres and it feels like a different car. plus its not just going round corners, it can dramaticly affect your braking, i know that id prefer a decent tyre to do an emgency stop in.....
sorry if this seems like a rant, but well, it is

the F1's are a great tyre, so are the toyo proxes T1R (not the others) but the toyos do wear quite quick i found, on black circles the nexen n3000 get good reviews which gets you down to 70quid plus fitting but that 20-30quid saving over the top dog tyres, is it really worth it?
oh and COME ON LIVERPOOL!1 no i dont support them but i dont support Man poo either :thumbsup::-D:-D

.....just in case i get ambushed by terrorists

If this is ever happens to be the case then the last thing I'd be concerned about is the type of tyres on the car....I'd more concerned about filling my pants..... hence ]9 x 240-sheet toilet rolls £1.99

However thats just my opinion....if its tyres you want then try here ]Best Buy Tyres
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