22inch Monitor-which one -asap please

    Got my nice new PC and New Monitor -LG22WTQ and its faulty !! Switch on and only get a pic for a minute ,then goes to sleep mode and nothing works . They are picking up Tues -but no more in stock and no idea when coming in - could be 3-4 weeks. I have decided to go for a different one-but dont want black -shows dust and fingerprints !
    Any help please ?
    Also am looking to buy some decent 2.1 speakers -no more than £25 -any recommendations please?


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    just wondered why no-one seems to want to help when i post a request
    Any reason why ??????
    This is urgent as i now have a borrowed monitor and no sign of a replacement for this one !

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    ok- will give up posting for help and advice -no-one wants to help -again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I do not know how I didn't see this thread. But I've been looking for speakers for quite a while now, and these are props the best I can come up with:

    1stly this is 35 Watts:…894
    @ £8.99, £13.68 delivered but its one of those makes no one would have heard of.

    Logitech X-230 2.1 Speaker System - 32 Watts:…852
    Looks decent, good manufacturer. £24.86 inc VAT, A bit over budget @ £29.91 Delivered. or:…EA6
    @ £24.86 with Free Delivery.

    Sony SRS-D21 2.1 Speaker System - 20W RMS…564
    @ £23.82 inc VAT, again a bit over budget @ £28.51 Delivered.

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    Thankyou -someone has actually helped.
    Yes it was between the logitech and some by Hercules -looked good but couldnt find any review -on Amazon for £29
    Like the sony ones you advised too !
    Now the monitor decision !!

    How much you looking to pay for this 22inch Monitor?

    I use logitech x-230's and they are fantastic, very highly reccommended if you can stretch to them.…955

    Scan has your monitor in stock and probably cheaper than what you paid originally.

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    i paid £191 delivered from Micro direct-so looking at paying £200 tops.
    Looked at Acer and Asus -anyone know whats the better make?
    Also considering Hanns G or Cibox -although Cibox seems to have a few bad reviews due to colour bleeding and ghosting.

    i have 19" widescreen Asus, very highly reccommended.

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    I definately want 22 inch widescreen- asus, acer , Hanns G -any recommendations out of these?

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    Anyone know anything about the Hercules2.1 40 speakers ? on Amazon at £29 ish

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    Yes, nice -but black- and Samsung have had lots of issues over panel grades.
    Anyone got a Hanns G monitor?

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    bump up please-need monitor asap !

    well the reviews seem to be good for the samsung one...sorry no info on the hanns one...

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    now bought the logitech x230 for £24 from Amazon -now just a decent monitor to find- Hanns G or Xerox ?
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