2/3 AAA Battery WHERE?

Found 1st Oct 2007
I have a cordless phone that takes 2 x re-chargeable batteries.
It's an IDECT x1 but I cannot source the batteries anywhere despite much googling.

The batteries are 2/3 AAA 400ma (two thirds the size of standard AAA batteries.)

Anyone know where I can get one from?

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Try Maplins, either on their website or preferably take the battery to one of their stores where they will tell you exactly what type it is.
Thanks barneydog.

I've already tried the Maplins site but they only seem to have tagged types. I guess you could snip that off if needs be.
Does it say on the battery what type it is?

Or on the phone (i.e. only put so and so batteries in this phone) or on any instructions you have for it?
No, nothing anywhere in the instruction booklet other than 2/3 AAA 400 ma and same for the battery.

I'll take the phone and battery into Maplins and see what they can do.

idect customer support 0845 345 9677

they do batteries
I have some of them spare as my main cordless station is not working now making all three handset useless but the batteries are perfectly fine holding the charge very well and they are AAA 550 mah. How many do you need and how much you are willing to pay?
I only need one, £2 delivered?

No idea what they are worth :?

Thanks for the customer support number pmcx9 .
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