23" Hdtv

    Looking to get a 23" HDTV from amazon (should be getting a free £400 amazon voucher soon :thumbsup: )

    Anyway can someone advise me on the best deals. Not looking to pay anything over £400 and would preferably be lower as i have other things i need to get from amazon.




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    Thanks mate. Any other suggestions?

    heres a 400 philips…-10
    expensive but great brand and no bad reviews + good specs for size…-11
    a white samsung (same model)…-20
    a mirai 22 good tv i think…-22
    small upgrade from previous one i think…-25
    toshiba with built in freeview again good make

    thats all the ones i would consider

    personally id get the upgraded philips i kno its the most expensive but if youre gonna spend alot on a tele you might as well pay a bit more and get the best one just my opinion

    (should be getting a free £400 amazon voucher soon )

    how u get that?

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    Expect you know of the scheme mate. Not sure if im allowed to say this but if you want to know more check out [url][/url] (my own site so I profit from it i admit)

    If this is not allowed, do please say, and i will remove it asap.

    Anyway thanks for all the suggestions so far. I will take them all into account.


    I've always thought tthat stuff was fake?

    I want to belive you, but I cant.

    If someone else can verify ...
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