24 hour flu thing?

Found 19th Jul 2009
Last night I had a few cans went to bed at 11:30 then woke up at 3 am. I was aching terribly, had a temperature, headdache and my eyes were killing. got up at 9:30 and i literally could not move, im now feeling almost 100% better. its really odd!

anyone else had this recently?
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you were just pi***d mate.
oh you swine

swine flu

Tish ;-)

You get run down if you drink hon... all better now you're rehydrated x x

swine flu

^ this

you'll be dead tomorrow.

Today from about 2 till 5 i felt crap, sneezing, coughing and very tired and went to bed and just couldnt get myself up. Grandparents came so I got up and since then ive had stuff to eat and I feel fine.

EDIT: From the comments above, it sounds likeits the quickest swine flu ever!
Sounds like a slight bit of Man Flu, you don't want to get that unless your prepared!

Just make sure the cupboard is stocked with tasty munchies, and make sure your partner still fits in that nurse outfit.
no it really wasnt the drink, I only had four cans!

I know when i feel ill from the drink and that definitely wasnt the reason.

cant believe how quick I have recovered
I was concerned because i thought i would have to have a few days off work and i only started the job last thursday!
It's not a flu thing...........it's just called feeling crap. Not rare.
My 7yo daughter was ill yesterday - fever, headache, vomiting, sore throat, coughing. NHS Direct website diagnosed her symptoms as being swine flu so called my emergency GP service at 6.30pm yesterday evening - finally got a ring back from a doctor at 4.30 this morning :w00t: but she is perfectly fine now, she was just having calpol and seems back to normal.

I do worry how they are going to cope when the swine flu numbers go even higher - 10 hours just waiting for a doctor to phone me back
my oh got home from work thurs and felt really rough achy bones, headache etc he spent the whole eve in bed then didnt get up till 7pm on the friday eve but by sat he was feeling loads better dunno what it was but it was strange,his eyes looked swollen too
where u from bretty?
We've been the same here, my husband was ill fri night and nearly 100% better this morning. I felt rough last night couldn't move wore out and sick, feeling much better this evening.
there's def some sort of 24hr thing going round
im from south wales.
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