24" PC monitor running a freeview box through HDMI?

Found 19th May 2010
Was just wondering.

If I were to put a 24" PC monitor in the bedroom and get rid of my 19" monitor and TV would I be able to connect a freeview box to my 24" monitor via HDMI and watch TV on it?
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First question is does the 24 inch monitor have a HDMI and speakers? If yes to both then I guess it should be possible. If screen only then your freeview box would need an audio out of some kind to connect to some AV equipment for sound.
Yep, should be able to, no problem - however, If your monitor doesn't have speakers you'll have to sort something out for the audio.
Thanks all.

Looks like I will dump this old 32" CRT off my desk, takes up way too much space. A nice 24" monitor can be had for much less than £200 these days. I will make sure it has speakers and obviously HDMI connection.

Think I will keep the 19" monitor and go dual output for when I want to watch TV and surf together.

In fact I think a PC freeview card will be fine as I have a dedicated ariel coming from the roof to the bedroom so it should get all channels.
My new 24 has no speakers BUT has an audio out on it. That way you can connect via HDMI and use the audio output to go into some external speakers. Obviously inbuilt would be a solution but most monitor speakers are pants so i wouldnt recommend watching tv through them.

I went for the Samsung P2450 which is one sexy beast of a monitor and i must say a first class picture ;-)
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