24 seasons 1,2,3,4,5

i would like all of the above, for as cheap as possible, maybe if you guys saw a deal somewhere? im looking for a price which may be non-existant, im hoping i can find something like they had in the US (3 seasons for 20$)

otherwise i guess ill have to borrow them from a friend.


i looked around awhile ago and play.com was the cheapest i could find.

If you arent buying keep for ever you could buy from play.com then sell again for about that price, thats what i plan to do with season 5.

Some good prices on ebay as well.

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good idea. or could borrow the seasons off a friend, i think i might as well do that, but if anyone spots some awesome deal do let me know please!

Season one to season five (single sets) Sendit.com - £17.89

Seasons one to three (boxset) £79.99 PowerPlayDirect :w00t:

Seasons one to four (boxset) £94.49 MovieMail :w00t:

Will obviously work out cheaper to get them singlely from Sendit.com at £17.89 each - no postage charge.

These are the cheapest I could find.

I'll save you the bother of watching them: every few episodes, Kim is kidnapped. Then, Jack Bauer defuses a nuclear bomb/chemical weapon/etc. Then they have a spy in CTU, a traitor, a dodgy-looking foreigner who needs to be turned, some other dodgy foreigner who needs to be tortured, and various serious-looking bureaucrats/politicians getting frustrated with Jack's "unorthodox" methods. Then he saves the world again, and all is forgiven.

Repeat for 4 seasons in a slightly different order, and you have a fair summary.

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thats what i thought, but then some of my mates are addicted to it, so there must be more to it. i watched 24 when it was new (ie season one, first few episodeS) and it was interesting, but i kept missing some episodes, now i watched it again (more or less the same as it was before) and i want to see what happened in between.
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