24 Studio - HELP!

    I recently placed an order with Studio, but when it arrived it was faulty. Since then (over 3 weeks ago) i have been trying to get through to their customer service team to arrange them to come and pick it up (thats how they do returns) but just get told they are busy and to ring back later then it hangs up. I have phoned on different days and at different times but still get the same message. Now i have received another bill (obviously i have not paid them for the faulty goods) which has doubled with admin charges but cannot do anything about it. I have used their contact us form on their website but have had no reply to that either. I really dont want a black mark against my name and bad credit history, but then again why should i pay for faulty goods?

    Can anyone help me with what to do next?? :-(

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    Had the same problem with calling their so called customer service number which just gives an answer machine.They sent me trainers which i never ordered.Call their switchboard 01254 872323 or 01254 382121 & they will transfer you.Best of luck:thumbsup:
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