24 The Game for PS2


Can someone tell me where they think the cheapest place to buy 24 The Game for PS2 is please.

I have heard it isn't the most amazing game in the world but I am a sucker for all things 24.


The cheapest place this game is in stock is at dvd.co.uk

It is priced at £29.99 inc delivery

But given the state of the PS2 games market, if you wait 5 minutes it will probably be less than £20 somewhere

eg King Kong (Dec release and it's not bad) is now only £15 in most places.


Hmv have it for £29.99 delivered.>> 24 at hmv.co.uk <<

Use the following promotional code to get £3 off a spend of £25 or more

Promotional Code: VZ1011

Bringing your price down to £26.99

**Remember you need to be logged in to use the discount code!
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