24" Tv/pc monitor combined. Any good deals about?

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Found 27th Dec 2014
I'm looking for one of these as space is at a premium in our room and I don't want 2 screens in there. What should I be looking for and what is a decent price? Ideally I'd like one that can play tv off the internet (I'm assuming they have scart sockets?) I'm not up to date with these things so any advice welcome :-)

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Most modern tvs have physical connections for pcs/laptops ect or better still some can stream content from mobiles, tablets, pc ect to tv via wifi...lots of options depends on price range and what you need out of it.
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Most people don't use built in TV tuners as digital terrestrial is problematic due to poor signal strength and having to run another RF lead can be costly. Most internet providers will supply a TV service as part of a package so as long as the TV has audio and a HDMI port you can connect a tuner to it.

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Thanks for the replies. Our budget is £200. It will mostly be used as a of monitor but we'd like to watch DVDs and occasional catch up tv.

If you want to go down 2inches, there are logik 22" and LG 22" from PCWorld and Argos, respectively at £99.99, available now on sale. They are both VESA-mountable. so can be wall mounted etc. With the argos tv, you can get a nowtv box with 3 months entertainment for another 7-8quid.

At 24" you are looking at around 120-140 for Samsung etc. depending on the type and number of inputs (HDMIx1 HDMIx2 with ARC, VGA, DVI, SCART, composite etc), available on amazon, pcworld, argos, etc.

Be very careful as a lot of 24" tvs are actually HD ready, ie. 720p, whereas the 22inch ones I've mentioned above are full HD 1920x1080 panels. Also make sure that they are not scaling to 1920x1080.

oops missed the DVD and catchup- try adding on about another 20quid for dvd ability, or 8-15quid for nowtv (depending on retailer) or about another 50quid for "smart tv functionality".
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