247 Rescue Feedback?

Posted 19th Apr
Hi does anyone have any experience with 247 Home Rescue please? toc.247homerescue.co.uk/Hom…pdf

What do they cover for blockage drainage issue? When got blockage issue on shower tray then they say it is not covered under the policy as it is the shower drainage pump issue. So getting 247 Home Rescue equals Useless when the time in need.
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You agreed to exclusion of electric pumps when you bought the cover. Are you suggesting the fault diagnosis is incorrect?
Im with them and will be changing soon as they are not good a all.

Every claim I have made they have tried to hard sell a new boiler.

I have recently argued with them that their plumber is usless as he said my boiler was beyond repair after changing the circuit board which I new it didnt need for them to send out the manufactures plumber to change a £20 ignitor.
Does anyone know any breakdown Emergency Drainage policy that would cover for shower drainage pump?
Tried both
1) HomeServe (nope, they don't cover shower waste water drainage pump issues)
2) now 247 Rescue (now I discover that they also don't cover shower waste water drainage pump issues)
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