24hr Gaming Marathon Promotion and Organisation Ideas?

Found 5th Jul
Hey everyone

So just before Christmas last year I was diagnosed with testicular cancer, which played havoc on my life, but thankfully a few months ago I completed my chemotherapy and I'm now in remission, woohoo! I'm going to complete the marathon on Saturday 14th July.

So I planned on doing a 24hr gaming marathon with friends to raise money for Macmillan who have been great supporting me throughout everything, but have had to wait until now as I just haven't had the right health state to complete it.

I've created a JustGiving page and promoted on Facebook a few months ago and had loads of charitable support, I managed to raise £300 which I was really happy with. I recently shared the page with my workplace and started getting more coming in and they reckon I could raise even more so bumped it up to £500!

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how best to promote the gaming marathon other than on my Facebook timeline? I've tried to contact my local paper, but haven't had any response from them. Is there anywhere else I could promote it?

As well as this, it would be great to hear any ideas you may have to make it an awesome, fun, entertaining and healthy marathon?

We would like to broadcast the feed via Twitch too.

Thank you everyone in advance!
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Good to hear your now in remission. You could try local radio, smaller stations do sometimes promote things like this. Failing that I think social media's maybe the way to go.

You could try to get a bit more interest by linking in with the world cup, maybe a fifa tournament with the remaining teams to predict who goes through.
Being sat on your balls for 24 hours isn’t the cleverest of ideas is it..
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