24Studio Conning Unsuspecting Customers

    I ordered a dvd from this company in November and I never received it.

    I have phoned them on their expesive 0871 number various times and told them I never received the dvd.

    Today this mickey mouse outfit sent me an invoice with £20 admin fees!

    Does anyone know where I stand in this predicament? Do I have to pay them money plus extras for something I never received?


    The invoice probably crossed in the post with you phoning about non recepit. I had virtually the same problem with them last xmas and got the same charges on my invoice. I phoned them to explain the situation and they took the charge off my account immediately. Give them a ring and you should be able to sort it out

    I had the same problem with the admin fee when their invoice (which is always late) arrived when I was on holiday - the payment date was about 3 days after the invoice arrived so I was still on holiday.

    I rang to complain but they wouldn't budge and said I had to "appeal" in writing if I wasn't happy. I did this and my account was credited with the admin fees.

    They didn't advise that they had credited me - I had to ring them to check what was happening - their customer service is not the best...

    Got to say they not very good to deal with.
    If you need call them go to [url][/url] there is a # on there for them to save on call costs some what or free if you got some talk package for landline numbers.

    At least yours was only a DVD - I ordered a 60gb playstation 3 package off them in Dec (as they were the only ones I could find with one in stock) and rather than taking £450 for the order, they put the order through twice and took a total of £900 !! The fight is STILL going on for them to refund the extra £450 and the bank has even contacted them and advised they're treating it as theft but they've still not returned it. Ba****ds !!!! :x

    All I can say is good luck getting anything done with them, as even the managers are as thick as 2 short planks !
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