Posted 3 October 2012

£25 Facebook ad coupon

I received an e-mail last night from Facebook with a £25 coupon in it. Does anyone have a company/advert on Facebook or could anyone use this? Don't know if it's worth anything at all.
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  1. deleted20740's avatar
    Hi - I'd take it. Dunno much about them either mind!

  2. ed1980's avatar
    isnt this a scam???
  3. KingBenneth's avatar

    A scam?! Why would I come on here offering a scam? Here's the email:

    Get £25 GBP in Free Advertising on Facebook Hi Xxxxxxxx, It seems like … Get £25 GBP in Free Advertising on Facebook Hi Xxxxxxxx, It seems like you tried to create an ad but didn't finish setting it up. To get you started with your first ad, we're offering you a free £25 GBP advertising coupon. Apply the coupon code: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX to your ads account when you create an ad for the first time. The expiration date of this coupon is 11/01/2012. There are lots of reasons to advertise on Facebook:• Reach your target audience using location, age and interests • Deepen relationships with your customers by encouraging people to like your Facebook Page • Define your daily budget to avoid any billing surprises To learn more about Facebook Advertising, see how it works and read our FAQ's. Thanks,The Facebook Ads Team

  4. Slash's avatar
    Someone did a study and found its bots that's clicking on the fb advertisements; not real people. Caused a big hoopla.
  5. deleted60825's avatar
    We have had adverts convert into likes on Facebook for my boyfriends band. Only get charged with it being converted to likes as well.

    It's worth a punt for anybody with £25 free.
  6. doritos's avatar
    I'd be interested in it?

  7. anisjolly's avatar
    Have you still go the code - looking for a code to jump start an ad to promote my website
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