250 mb phone contract any good? what does it entitle

    Would i be able to have always on 3g internet and do general browsing and download off android marketplace with this contract?
    If getting an android phone would i need more than 25omb?
    thanks all


    1GB just to be safe is what i have...

    if you are downloading lots of videos or downloading large games and lots of them then you might have a problem, if simply browsing and downloading small applications you should be fine. The only network that I am aware of that would charge should you go over is Tesco.

    What network is this?

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    It's on orange mate, on a somy xperia so to get the most outa it I would need a lot of allowance I guess. Would orange shut off or tell u if u go near ya limit?

    Im actually on Orange, I have never exceeded the amount though. the new amount of data Orange gives is 500mb, if your still on the old one give them a call and get it switched to the new one.

    I dont know if you will get notice if you exceed but if you do its max £1.50 a day. You can check on the Orange mobile web homepage "your account"
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