250/320GB Portable External HDD

    I have been looking around this site and retailers sites for hours now and I can't pin down which is the best to buy. I am essentially asking if anyone know the best deal about for a portable hard drive while keeping it all reliable?

    Thanks for any help.


    This probably isn't the best price, since its the first I found. But this 250gb drive is great if you want a portable one - it is small and doesn't need a power supply since it draws it from the usb port. We have had one for some time now and its still going strong. Freecom is a good make too.…-23


    Have you had a look at Western Digital drives? Lots on Amazon to look at ]here. The "passport" drives are quite small hence they tend to be more expensive. But there's a 320GB WD My Book 2 for £55 ]here. For an extra tenner though you could get the same one but in ]500GB. Depends on your budget really but they're pretty reliable

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    Ta for posting so quick! I have had a look and the WD passport drives look cool. Only thing is, you have the elite, v2 and essential.

    This seems pretty reasonable: ]Link


    Looks good to me :thumbsup: No external power adapter needed either which is a bonus.

    I'm using the LaCie mobile disk 160GB version and it's working fine for me, was the cheapest I could find at the time in january.
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