2.5mm to 3.5mm Stereo Sound CABLE!?

Found 24th Nov 2006
I need one exactly like this:


It must have that little bit of cabling!

I see them on eBay fairly priced, but delivery takes aggges from HK (I wish they werent allowed to advertise on the UK Sites!).

Perhaps someone here, UK based, who doesn't need theirs anymore / has a spare can sell. How does £2 inc. Delivery sound - postage should be cheap for a little bit of cabling?

Reponses appreciated!



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Helpless Bump

£5.49 here (£3.49 + £2 P&P)

Initially seemed expensive but actually very well priced - They're extortionate on all the UK sites. I don't know how they ever justify the postage costs.

Yup, I think the £2 limit is unrealistic.

You really should take a look at this, i'm sure it will do the job, there must be a maplins near you, so you can save on the p&p.


Product code RF31J

VIEW IT HERE maplin.co.uk/ima…jpg

It is £4.99, but when you need it fast, and from what the others have said, i would say this is a fair price.

Are you *sure* you need one with four connections? Most stereo adapter cables have only three connections and are cheaper..

Original Poster

3 Then LoL

I put a pic cos, I wanted the one with the bit of cabling

Are you sure thats what you want ?
You know its not wired straight through. The tip of the 2.5mm isnt connected to the 3.5mm. The ring of the 2.5mm is wired to both the tip and ring of the 3.5mm and the earth is connected correctly.

I bought 2 from seperate ebay dealers, both in Hong Kong and both with the same connections. I want this for a remote for my DSLR as I hate soldering 2.5mm stereo jacks and find their relaibility questionable at best.

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I don't know what i want ROFL!

I just want to Listen to Music on my Phone, and so a 2.5mm jack male, to a 3.5mm Jack female is what I want haha

Surely the maplin one does the trick then.
If you can pick one up, it must be the cheapest option.:thumbsup:

Original Poster

Yeah but they don't have the cabling bits on there at Maplin LoL

Check out the link above, its virtually identical to what you posted at the deal request, the only thing with the Maplin one is that it has 2.5mm & 3.5mm outlets.

Original Poster

Oh wow chappers, might get that yes.. a store near me!

Cheers for that!!!!
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