Posted 21st Aug 2022
It’s been nearly 25 years since Diana, Princess of Wales, died of injuries sustained in a car crash in Paris on August 31, 1997, at age 36.

Where were you when it happened?

How did you find out that she had died?

Did you ever meet her?

I would love to hear your stories.
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    I saw her in 1991. I was awake when the news broke of her accident and stayed up through the night until her death was announced.

    I did like her but I was (and still am) very anti-Royal.

    That's my story... (edited)
    Where did you see her?

    I was out clubbing on the eve of her death.

    I got home & switched on the TV which I never did & I saw that she had been involved in an accident.
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    All I'll say is, i think this is slightly in bad taste.

    We're never going to know the real truth, about exactly what happened. Was it really an accident, or was it a hit. They'll never tell us.

    She was used by the royals as a way to get an heir. Charles was already in love with Camila from years before, but she was too old and married then divorced.

    Dianna was abused and hounded enough when she was alive. Let her rest in peace.
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    Anonymous User
    I met her when she was visiting a hospital, seemed quite dainty when shook her hand.

    Quite shocking I was having a cooked breakfast on the Sunday when the cafe tv had it come up!

    I’ve been to the water cascade Diana feature nr Albert Hall
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    Really didn’t care much for her. Same goes for the self entitled, boorish families she came from and married into. They all make the mistake of thinking their opinions are the magic that will make everything OK. With the wonderful exception of EII. The true sadness will be when she leaves in the care of her befuddled offspring.
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    makes no difference to my life - she never knew i existed and has no impact on how i live my life
    The fact that you have cared to make your comment clearly shows she has made an impact on your life.
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    Dated hasnet khan and considered converting to Islam that got nipped in the bud early, further went on and dated dodi al fayed but this time it was too late, she was pregnant and the father was a Muslim. Dodi purchased a engagement ring from repossi jewellers for the same day they both unfortunately passed. So was an engagement to a Muslim also going to be announced?..
    Evidence please.
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    Every time somebody mentions Diana I think back to what Simon Pegg says in Guest House Paradiso.
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    Watching people standing in the streets crying about it was absolutely ridiculous, most never even met her. Was very sad for her kids obviously, but people die in accidents every second unfortunately.
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