25th wedding anniversary need a present what to buy any help ?

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Found 26th Jul 2008
ok, my mum and dads wedding anniversary is coming up and I dunno what to buy them it has to be quite cheap as im only 15 and not some kind of billionaire.

I was looking at his and hers bathropes but there all to expensive.

Any ideas



25th wedding is silver so maybe get a nice wedding photo or recent holiday photo and put it in a silver frame for them

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Thats what my friend suggested but stupid as my dad is he when out and brought a special silver 25th anniversary one so i didn't really want to get another. but thanks :thumbsup:

keep ideas coming guys/gals

How about you make a scrap book of photo's of your family, like a bit of history? My Mum was given one for her 50th birthday and loves it.

What about turning the dining room in to a restaurant, you (rope in some family members!) could cook them a meal and be their waiter.

Best of luck.

If you got about £20/30 you could buy a digital photo frame , scan all their "great memories" into the computer and then transfer to the frame . My mum in law has one with my son and her other grandson on it they great.

Or for under a 10 each you can get keyring digital photo keyrings

What about booking a night in a country B& B or fairly nice hotel i know bit more expensive, but perhaps you got a bro or sis that could chip in??

Are you an only child , if so can you mke yaslef scarce on the night.ie stay at nan's or aunties and with a an adults help buy some bubbly even if its cava or asti if you cant afford champagne, get some nice choccy's, some flowers for your mum and some candles and perhaps rent a nice dvd and tell them ahve great night in, the local take away list is there if they wanna order and pay for it, just leave you the leftovers

how about an original copy of their favourite newspaper from when they were married, plus put an add in the current local paper too....will bring back memories for them

A silver (lookalike) teapot.

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thanks for the help all you guys/gals Diva your ideas are great! thanks


thanks for the help all you guys/gals Diva your ideas are great! thanks

no problem , your very welcome


Download music from the year they were married and make a "special" cd!

I love this idea!!!! Im gonna pinch the idea for my mum and dads anniversary!!!! xxx

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ok i brought two photo frames and a card and im gunna select some pictures to go inside the frames thanks for the help once again guys/gals
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