26" HD Ready LCD TV?

    Looking for one of these for christmas, so i dont really want ones that are like (Was £300 now £250)

    I want a set price unless the offer runs to say, late november.

    Cheapest I've found is an Accoustic Solutions from Argos for £269.99

    Will rep everyone who helps


    I'll give you a bump because im also looking for a 26" LCD

    I'm also looking for one, many people have said the Samsung LE-26R87BDX is a good quality TV and good value for the money, see AVForums (eg. ]http//ww…80).

    I'm just trying to find a good price for one

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    Yeah I fell madly in love with that a few months back.

    But for the price of the A/C one i found i can only get that in 19"

    Yep its approx £400, can get it for £393 ish delivered at Pixmania with £5 discount and 3% Quidco taken off though! Still over £100 over your budget though

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    Yeah, I wouldnt mind a wharfedale really.

    They have one in Argos for £299 but its normally £369 i think, not sure how long its gonna be on for.

    Christmas! There will be new stuff out and lots of price drops by then.

    I have been looking for a 26 LCD for time. Can usually find one for around £250 upwards from various places...

    Last time I checked

    Asda - £269
    Tesco - £269
    Argos - £250

    Im of the opinion that a TV is a TV so not really worried bout make. However, the reason I still haven;t bought one is because I know the second I do, someone will post a 10/20% discount for Argos, Tesco etc and i wont be happy! So im gonna stick it out till then!
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