26 inch LCD tv thats 100hz?

    Hi all,

    Seems to be a lot of knowledgeable folk on the site when it comes to LCD tv's so thought it was a good place to ask.

    I am looking for a 26 inch lcd tc and sadly has to be this size as it is to fit in an alcove abd from the looks of many 26 inch lcd's its about the biggest i can get in there.However most i have seen are 50hz and i really have my heart set on getting one thats 100hz as i watch lots of sport.

    I have seen this one that says it is 100hz but other sites say its only 50-60hz so not sure how correct it is.....…tml?

    Can anyone make any recommendations on good ones i should look at.Not to worried about HD ready etc as i dont have any HD input such as sky for it but the 100hz is important.I have googled until im blue in the face but not being to hot on TV's i thought id ask the experts (Ok im sucking up here!haha)

    Thanks in advance folks.

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