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    Looking to get a new tv, 26", HD ready pref with freeview built in, if not, not to worry as I am changing from Sky to a HDD Recorder with freeview anyway. I would want it to be put ont he wall, so the mounting plate, which I presume they all have now?

    Any good deals?



    here is a link to a few 26" LCD Tv's:]http//ww…=26
    In terms of Wall brackets there are many different ones available (each TV may differ in what it needs), I got mine in Maplins (when they were 1/2 Price), do a search on HUKD as there have been a few mentioned, just don't buy one from the likes of Currys, Comet etc. as they are over priced.

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    Looking to spedn as little as possible, seen this one on Amazon, but the last review concerns me, just wondering if there is a better make at the same of lower price?…ics


    personally I would not touch it, response time of 25ms is way too high. Maximum you should be looking at is 8ms. Best thing to do is go to a major electrical retailer and look at their TV's, then come back to the forum with the make and model and do another deal request for that specific one.
    Cheap is not always best but LG and Samsung do make some very good TV's.
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