26" LCD TV - Argos or Ebuyer?

I am looking to get a 26" TV for my mum who is in her 70's. I have come across these 2 and wondered which would be best for her purposes.



Is the Ebuyer one worth the price difference??

She currently has a DVD/Video combi which is all she really uses along with the TV and may well go to Sky sometime soon.

Any advice appreciated.



My 2 sons have the sence from e-buyer the 26 inch with dvd and the 32 inch would highly recomed great pic and looks a great set, as no name on front looks like an expencive tv ie :- Samsung. Hope this helps.

After my experiences with Argos and an Accoustic Solutions earlier this year I would steer clear of both. I had to fight to get them to repair while under warranty (I would have prefered a replacement) and then when the TV broke down again I had to do the same all over again. I did after a long fight end up with my money back and spent it on a lonely Samsung. I know of four other people who have had problems with Accoustics including at one point the person on the other end of the helpline at Argos.

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hmmm...interesting about Argos/Acoustic!

What appeals about the Ebuyer one is the reviews...it seems to have few negative points. Thanks for your comments...I will ponder over it for today and then decide later on.

the few negative views are from picky people. My freind just ordered 1 from e-buyer and another friend ordering 1 today. I have a nice panasonic plasma downstairs and the boys tv pic is as good as that.

how was ur tv from ebuyer??
i was gonna take the plunge but the ebuyer forum suggests theres quite a few probs.
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