26" LCD TV - Samsung, Toshiba or Sony


    Anyone know the best deal on 26" LCD TV's at the mo, preferably one of the above makes. My Dad and my mate are after one each,

    I have found lots of deals on here for bigger LCD's but not much for 26"'s



    I know this is 32" but it really is a great deal for a Toshiba with good specs:…/35

    = £377.33 after using the £10 off code (enter QC10 at checkout) and 3% quidco @ £11.67.

    Read reviews here:…8-2

    This is also a good deal for a 26", although it is a LG and you said you preferably wanted a Samsung, Sony or Tosh:…ull

    It = £328.81 after the £10 off code (above) and 3% quidco.

    Hope this helps :thumbsup:

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    Thanks for the reply, I'm just about to go out now but I'll have a proper look at them tomorrow - my Dad's not as fussy as my mate when it comes to the make so he might well go for that LG.

    Space is the problem although I agree thats a great deal for a tosh 32"


    the philips 26inch is good, i just got one

    dunno were your from but in belfast sam's yer man's got some great deals on tv's

    the sony 26inch at sainsburys for £350 is a great price and a great 1 myself and cant fault it.

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    brill thanks, my mate couldn't resist the temptation and went for a 32" sammy :-)

    Can't blame him they are lovely & shiney & when you are in the shop the 26" ones look tiny!

    I'll have a look at that sony or LG for my Dad but for £30 difference he'll probably go for the Sony if we can find one.

    The Sainburrys by me is a bit tiny (I don't think they stock tellys) but I'm sure there will be a bigger one close enough & I'm in the West Mids at the mo for xmas but live in the East Mids - either way Belfast is a bit far away

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