26" LCD under £200

    Looking for the best LCD TV under £200

    Best i can see at the minute is…tml

    Its being used for a bedroom TV to replace a 20" CRT monster.

    any advances on this ??

    At a push i would go to 23" but i would want a build in DVD player if i was going lower


    Tesco have a 22" technika with built in DVD for £160 (sorry its back to £180 now - just checked)…spx

    I bought last week and am still undecided on picture quality, SD looks a bit iffy IMO (but the wife thinks its great)

    And if you could go to 19"…usb

    Original Poster

    had a technika before and it went straight back so i wont be going there again. Its going to be an SD signal being sent (AV Sender) so thats out of the question

    Cant justify going as low as a 19"

    Original Poster

    refurbs though - great tv's but the fact they are refurbs makes me nervous. If it goes tits up after 12 months then i am up the swanny £200 down

    I can always write to the companys claiming the good fit for purpose act on a normal item. Dont think i can do this on a refurb (although would very much like to be corrected)
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