26" Mens Bike With Shimano Gears & Disc Brakes

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Found 14th Dec 2010
Im looking for a decent looking bike with these features. Am looking around the £100 mark. Cheers


You mean 26" wheels....bikes are generally measured by frame size not wheel size:)

Or are you over 7ft tall ??

I'll assume your looking for a mountain bike eh ? sportsdirect have some nasty one for 60 odd quid which if your not using it all day every day should suffice

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Oh yeah sorry that is wheel size yh. mountain bike with dual suspension. I see them but people say they not very good. will be using it for work about 5 times a week, plus maybe more. I dont think im gonna get both of them specs for around £100. Can you reccomend one? Cheers

Simple answer:
Something like this:
All the features you want and within budget.
With regards to quality they're all much of a muchness at this price and with those features.

Real answer:
OP - You've got to be honest with what you intend to use the bike for.
This is especially true on a small budget. You don't want to be paying for things you don't need.
Commuting will mean you do not have to have suspension or disc brakes.
All they do is make your bike heavier, and compromises have to be made on other parts of the bike to put those useless features on.

If I needed a new commuting bike for £100 I would be getting something like this:

Not cool, not sexy, no bragging rights. But I'll have a dry backside when it rains and I'll be getting from A-B as efficiently as I can.

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Got this halfords.com/web…499 have had it for about 2 weeks now and its great for £110
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