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Found 12th Nov 2007
can someone post a picture of there 26" HDTV i want to see how big it looks

also who make Sharp LCD Screens (Sony, Sumsung etc)

I just heard that Sharpe you TN Panels (AD5 Series) how bad is the panel

also do hannspree use TN

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Hmmmmm - I think your request is slightly flawed!!!

Here is a 26" TV...


And here is a 42" TV...


Can you tell the difference in size??? Didn't think so. Now take your Lazy **** to a shop and a look for youself........! :roll:

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going to very soon

In all seriousness, where is it for?

I have a 42" in the Lounge downstairs, but I made the mistake of getting a 17" for the Bedroom wall.

However, that is getting replaced this week with a 26" Sony Bravia.

The 42" Plamsa dwarfed my old 28" Widescreen, but it looks great in the room, and I wouldn't want anything smaller as my main panel! you DO need to seem them in situ though - and to check the quality of the screen. John Lewis would be my recommendation for this!


However, that is getting replaced this week with a 26" Sony Bravia.

I just got ]this one from Tesco, as it was cheapest place.

Thanks mate, but I am getting it for free from one of my customers (sent some business his way, so he owed me!)

I hadn't seen it sub £400 though so great price!

LG is the main producer of Tv's (as senn on "how its made" on Discovery channel, they make the tv's then other companys stamp their name on it.

I used to work at Philips, and all there panels are made by LG. I think there are 3 manufactuers of panels, and the rest of the TV's aremade up by various processors / etc.
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