27 Dresses DVD

    Cheapest I can find is £9.90 from Woolworths.

    I don't need it until Christmas, but want to get my presents bought early

    Think it's worth hanging on to see if it drops in price, or waiting for a voucher, or can anyone find it cheaper?




    Woolies is the cheapest

    Woolworths £9.90
    Tesco Jersey £11.97
    Blah DVD £11.98
    HMV £11.99 £11.99
    Zavvi £12.00
    101 CD £12.05 Go to shop
    The Hut £12.73
    Asda £12.73
    LoveFilm £12.73
    Currys Entertainment £12.73
    Dixons Entertainment £12.77 £12.89
    Amazon UK £13.43
    CD WOW! £13.99
    Bang CD £13.99
    Borders £14.60
    Tesco £14.61
    SelectCheaper £14.80
    PowerPlayDirect £14.99
    Store4DVD £15.95

    wait for a glitch or random code i'd say. Maybe mcdonalds will do monopoly promo b4 then you know where every large meal gets money off at HMV. Or maybe you might pick up gift voucher cheap for an online retailer from here

    Original Poster

    now £7 at Woolworths if anyone else is after it.

    See ]this thread for details.
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