2700HGV/WAG354G - Spare Router Working in Bridge Mode to Network Ethernet Ports


    I've got a box currently running CentOS, and am wanting to make it wireless.

    I do have a spare USB dongle, but it is proving a nightmare to setup how I'd like (auto login to network etc).

    Has anyone ever used an spare router to connect wirelessly to an existing wireless network, and enable the use of the ethernet ports on the spare router to connect.

    I can see how to easily make it work connecting the router via wire to an existing network, and enable to use of the wireless, but is it possible the other way round?



    been looking into this recently and seems one of the biggest fall overs is the wds standard on most routers often only supports wep encryption, any chance that is your problem?

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    Been looking at OpenWRT which allows client access point mode on the wag354 I've got.

    When I get a spare hour I'll try it out.
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