28-32 LCD HD TV

    Hi, i have just bought a 360 premium from Argos thanks to this wonderfull site and you deal spotting people

    so i thought i may aswell get the full experiance out of it, so im now looking for a 28-32' LCD HD Ready TV, the cheapest i have found is £600, if anoyone spots anything cheaper in the sales could you please let me know, would be mostly appreciated




    its not just price though, some of them have rubbish specs.

    do some reading up on

    you want one with hdmi, component, 1080i, hdcp and a load of other stuff. get a 28" good lcd instead of a poor 32" lcd.

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    cheers for the info, everything with a good spec is way out of my price range, thought there would of been a few LCD HDTV's popping up in the Jan sales but so far it pretty quiet

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    Just incase anyone is interested in a TV such as myself, this is the best offer i can find...not bad TV either, supports 1080i…387

    a full 1080i TV has a better resolution. its says it supports 1080p via a G-dub connector (whatever one of those is)

    More Accurate - Listing the resolution and frame rate:

    480i - The picture is 704x480 - (60/2 interlaced frames per second)
    = 30 complete frames per second.

    480p - The picture is 704x480 - 60 complete frames per second.

    720p - The picture is 1280x720 - 60 complete frames per second.

    1080i - The picture is 1920x1080 - (60/2 interlaced frames per second)
    = 30 complete frames per second.

    1080p - The picture is 1920x1080 - 60 complete frames per second.

    the evesham one is:-

    Supports up to 1280 x 768 resolution

    which i think is really 720i.

    need to be really careful before splahing out money.

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    nice one...all this resolution business is driving me insane :P ...but i think im going to just go for it, all other TV's are around £600 and i really cant afford it, and i need one quick!!

    Cheers mate!

    yeah if you want one stick with the samsung cant go wrong with the samsung.…brw

    PLAY.COM do this one for £550 seems like a good deal for 27"

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    i was looking at this TV but it was out of stock for sometime, thanks for posting it!! i have ordered it and it is on the way...

    Thank you very much for your help mate
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