2DS Pokemon price - buy now or wait?

    My son has a DS Lite and I'm going to upgrade it to a 2DS for Christmas. He says that he would like the 2DS Pokemon Moon or the Pokemon Sun version. I've looked at the price for the 2DS Pokemon Moon on Amazon and it is out of stock, however, the Pokemon Sun (have to pre-order) is selling for £89. Is it worth buying one now, or do you think that the price will drop a bit leading up to Christmas? Thank you.


    I'm not sure if the price will drop but if you are going to buy it then get it from nintendo store as you get a free pin for the same price. Or ask if anyone is selling gift vouchers on here for as same price there but normally you can buy at 80-85%.

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    There might be an offer in black friday deals coming up, but not sure. It may sell out before then as seems quite popular. If you are going to buy, look at the website zeek before you go to the checkout or store, you can get discount giftcards to give you money off. And if online remember cashback.

    In all honesty you'll prob want to pre-order as Nintendo have a fetish with sending out limited stock so the price gets jacked up

    I suggest waiting. That's what I'm doing anyway.
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