2gb card for w810i or mp3 player?

Found 7th Jul 2007
Wondering if its worth getting a 2gb card for the w810i,i`ve been using 512mb and the sound is alright in my car.I can`t upgrade the crap speakers in car as they`re dashboard.
Other option is getting Sumvision Yumi Pro MP3 Player for 42 quid here.I could just keep this in the car.
Think the sound will be any better or shall i just use w810i?

Is it only pro duo cards it takes or does any micro sd card do? ta

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That link went to an Acer 3 year extended warranty...

So, how do you listen to the phone? Headphones? Built-in speaker? Portable speakers?

I'll wait on your response before saying which one I'd prefer but you can get a 2GB Pro Duo card from ]Play for £16.99 del - plus a little Quidco if you use that.

EDIT: Sorry, posted a link to an M2 card. My W710i uses M2 so assumed your W810i would, too! But it uses Pro Duo. Link fixed.
Hi Pj i use it mainly for plugging into old car stereo with adaptor.I use the car a lot for my work.I used the headphones last wk on a night out for bus and it was cool to have sounds instead of blankly staring out of window lol.
I`ve found a forum where you can custom mod the w810i/others with different acoustic drivers for better quality and loudness so i`m tempted to get the 2gig card.forums.se-nse.net/ind…=80.
The advantage of the sumvision is i could just leave it in the car and have phone free.Love the phone tho best one i`ve had.
Since you said the car speakers were crap I figured you were using some other kind of speakers with your phone at the moment.

Even if your car speakers aren't great, upgrading the standard head unit will almost certainly give you an improvement in sound through the standard speakers. What is your head unit just now, Tape/Radio?

Right now I have a Clarion MP3 CD player in the car, it's getting on a bit now as it was one of the first MP3 ones out but it gave a huge boost to my car sound system even with the standard factory fit speakers (I have a little VW Lupo 1.0). I just copy 700MB worth of MP3s onto a CD and the CD player recognises the folders and lets you select one folder at a time, so each folder could be an artist or an album - just burn the CD the way you like. Well, many of the new players have a USB socket so all you need to do now is buy a cheap 2/4GB USB stick (or even a couple) and copy whatever you like onto the stick! As you know, the contents of a USB stick can be changed and updated in seconds.

]Have a look here. I was going to get the Sony one myself (before my financial situation changed drastically recently) but there are even cheaper ones there if you wanted to stay closer to your £42 MP3 player budget. Then you can just use the phone for emergency situations like a bus :P I have the car MP3 player but I still got a 2GB M2 card for the phone even though I only ever use it when I'm doing the weekly grocery shop! Sure, I'll never listen to 2GB worth of music in that time but it's nice to have a wider selection.

Love my W710i too, I'd pretty much describe it as perfect for me When my contract's up the next phone is going to have a tough job replacing it! Might just sell the new one on ebay and keep the W710i!
ge 2GB card, Sony Ericsson W810i is a very good MP3 player
Aye was using portable mp3 cd player but it skipped/switched off with adaptor using the w8 has been a boon.I`d like a decent system but i`d have to buy speaker cones etc its more hassle than its worth.
I have a half decent head from my laguna before it met a bus lol so i might pop that in it has a nice warm sound.
Think i`ll grab the 2gb card for now cheers
OK, but I just think a phone is difficult to use when driving! Trying to change tracks/artists/albums is pretty difficult and dangerous. It's much less convenient, too.
You have a point my pals new astra has track changer/volume on steering wheel which is well handy.
I only need to click middle button once with left hand and slight right to change next track on w8 tho.I set up playlists before hand.Since i have an old banger punto auto mk1 i have a free hand to do it without looking down lol.I paid a good bit just to keep it on road and who knows if it`ll last till next mot.
Next car will be better since i`m into atmospheric/jazzy drum & bass and good bass response will be priority:)
I've got a 4gb one in my phone & it works fine - play.com/Ele…tml

The Sandisk's ones a bit cheaper but not tried that one.
so what are the prices again please for these dif sd's

so what are the prices again please for these dif sd's

The W810i will only take Pro Duo cards...the ]Sony one is now £36.99 at Play (was £50 when I bought mine a few months ago), whereas the ]Sandisk one is £34.99.
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