2gb ddr vs 2gb ddr2 & motherboard

Looking at the prices of ddr2 it seems roughly 1/2 the price of ddr. I want to upgrade from 1gb (2*512 ddr PC3200) to 2gb, but 2gb ddr is aprox £100 whereas 2gb DDR2 is aprox £50

I was wondering if instead of paying £100 for old memory chips, why not by 2gb of DDR2 and a new motherboard? (ie £50 m/b and £50 ddr2)
I dont want to dump anyother hardware (SATA & IDE HDD's, geoforce fx5500 gfx card, I got a new powersupply, P4 3ghz prescot socket 478 mPGA)

Anyone got any suggestions?


I agree. One thing I would check, most new mobos do not have AGP, is your gfx card AGP?

Original Poster

Yes, I do believe its an AGP card... Although again if a cheap replacement card can be obtained I still would not mind exploring the options...

if im not mistaken
nvidia onboard graphics now are nvidia 6150
so it should be slightly faster than fx5500 or the same
so nothing to lose there except you might have to buy a new processor

Well, there is, as a mobo with such integrated graphics would be expensive, and also would use shared memory I believe...

You'll struggle to find many socket 478 motherboards full stop these days, but bear in mind Core 2 Duo processors are available for £65, and suitable motherboards for £35. A PCI-E graphics card for £40 - £50 will substantially outperform your card, the FX series was a bit of a dog. I reckon the ATI X1550, which is available for £25 delivered from Aria and ebuyer would out perform it. And 2GB DDR2 is under £50, so you'll upgrade the processor (to dual core!), memory and graphics for £175; more than you intended but imo the upgrade to Core Duo is well worth it.
Or you could get an even cheaper processor (Pentium D series for £45) and a cheap motherboard with on-board graphics (from about £25) with 2GB for under £120 and upgrade graphics later when money suffices.
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