2gb M2 Memory Card

As cheap as possible please:)



Sandisk Memory Stick Micro M2 - 2GB

Price: £17.99 delivered (4 -7 day delivery)

Where : PicStop.co.uk

Just noticed ]Play.com have this for the same price.. ;-)

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Ordered 1 from play, thanks edi Rep added

The 4GB card should be launched mid July. This new release will also effect the ceiling cost of the then lesser cards.

I currently use the 2GB chip bought through Play.

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will the k810i accpet the 4gb card though?

As far as I'm aware, the M2 line of card is such that all compatible M2 devices will simply use whatever they find available. However it would be best to find out for sure with Sony.

I have just this minute seen the updated Play.com listing which advertises the 4GB M2 card available as of 01/07/07 for £39.99 delivered.

I've emailed Sony about 4GB chip compatibility. One thing that stands out to me is that their website marketing actually suggests that the K800/10i and the (not yet released) K850i only accomodate 1GB cards...

... and I've been rocking 2GB's in my K800i since I bought the phone!

I'll report back with their response.

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Ok, thanks

'Dear L. Rawlins,

Thank you for contacting the Sony Ericsson Call Centre.

With regards to your enquiry, unfortunately the Sony Ericsson K range have only been tested with a 2Gb memory stick micro, so we can't ensure you that this would work.'

Looks like a case of waiting and seeing, although why on Earth they haven't checked out compatibility yet I don't know. 4GB expansion is a genuine marketing bonus to tag your products with and the M2 standard is supposed to be partly their baby. They should have already toyed with Sandisk samples and primed individual model firmware as necessary as far as I'm concerned.

I've prompted Play.com to put together a compatibility listing for the 4GB card since it strikes me that no sane person is going to pre-order a brand new product that they don't yet know will even work.

Seems some other guy on another forum has had confirmation from SE that the 4GB card does infact work in the K800i.



So i'm guessing it should work with my K810i then? SE are still advertising the fact that they will support M2 cards up to 1gb! Crazyiness if the 4gb ones work!
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