2GB Micro SD Card

Found 29th May 2007
Hey everyone, I've just got myself a Nokia N95 and am now looking for a decent price on a couple of 2GB Micro SD cards, hoping some of you may know of a better deal than what I've managed to find so far... which is the following:

Kingston 2GB Micro SD Card @ £15.06 ( memorybits.co.uk/kin…720memorybits.co.uk )

Buying two of the above makes it £30.12 so you can pay using Google Checkout and get the £10 discount, which makes the price £20.12 plus delivery of £2.95, giving you the grand total of £23.07 for 2 x 2GB Micro SD cards.

Can anyone recommend a better deal than this? Thanks in advance!

p.s. Slightly off topic, but how do I edit my signature... it's been a while since I've actually logged in as normally just browse the site quickly every other day, and going to the hotukdeals.com/for…ure edit signature page just returns the error "Sorry, you are not permitted to have a signature." :-(
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Thanks Emma, I guess the reasoning behind the removal of signatures makes sense.

Mikeyp, am I missing something here? Or have you forgotten to post a voucher code maybe? As that works out more expensive than my original post... so I'm not sure how you can class that as a better deal! I did state in the first post that I am "looking for a decent price on a couple of 2GB Micro SD cards" so if I were to buy 2 from the site you mentioned it works out to be £27.98 which is £4.91 more expensive...
Sorry my mistake! Cheaper for 1 but not for 2 :P
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