2gb sd cards

    amazon seem to only have marketplace sellers ... I would rather get it from a proper company.

    I am after 2-3 of these so any great deals on branded cards such as kingston or sandisk would be greatly appreciated



    you can get 3 x 2gb cards from here for around £22 plus postage (with google checkout):…976

    EDIT: £24.96 delivered for 3.

    Original Poster

    thanks a lot.
    why google checkout though ?

    £10 off with google checkout!

    Original Poster

    doh! yes I was just heading back to say "I see why" but you beat me to it

    thanks a lot.

    I checked and mymemory and that seems the cheapest for 3 cards. One of those 3 is usually the cheapest from experience.

    EDIT: check this…443

    £22.83 delivered for 3 with google checkout.

    Original Poster

    thanks again
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