2kw inverter generator to power computers

Found 8th Mar 2007
has anyone seen a cheap inverter generator to power computer equipment, cheapest on ebay are about £350 for a 2Kw kipor generator.
An inverter smooths out the fluctuations in the power which will not dammage a computer

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I take it you mean a diesel generator which you want to kick out 2kw to keep your computers going?

In the UK where have quite reliable power supply compared to mainland Europe?

Is it business vital?
My Belkin 1200VA UPS has run a laptop for 15hours+ and UK just doesn't get power cuts for that long unless your're rural or in a rare unlucky pocket which goes offline. Max I've seen all my life is 2hours in UK.

You have UPSs in place to kick in while you setup a generator I take it and a system in place to switch over to it smoothly without interruption? I'd be interested in seeing such a setup

£350 for a 2kw diesel generator is pretty good I think how much does it drink?
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