2nd Gen 2GB ipod shuffle (red)

    My son is looking to sell his shuffle and wants me to put it on Ebay for him, any idea what sort of price he'll get for it and what should I put as the starting bid?



    best thing is to look on ebay. put in same details and see what comes up. if you also scroll down and look on the very left you can tick a box that tells you what already sold ones have gone for...cant quite remember what its called but it basically means already closed items. i use it all the time to see what people end up paying. good luck

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    Have had a quick look but can only find 1GB not 2GB.

    had a look that thing on the left you tick is called completed listings...i find it really useful. Didnt know it existed until a friend told me about it.

    Wouldn't you be better off flogging it on here?

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    Hmm - could sell on here but got no idea how much to ask for!

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    He was hoping for a bit more than that as the 1GB shuffle goes for around £20-£25.

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    It is but apparantly the 2nd Gen is more popular than the new one for some reason (don't really know why - think it's something to do with the buttons?!)

    About £25 on eBay.........virtually nothing on here

    Also if you sell here you need to request this thread is locked and then wait 7 days before listing in the FS/FT :thumbsup:

    £30ish on ebay minus fees..the red one is quite popular

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    Cheers all - have listed on Ebay - will keep fingers crossed that he gets a decent amount for it!

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    Put it on Ebay with a BIN of £35 and it's sold already!!
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