2nd Hand goods sold as brand new from shop

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Found 23rd Jan 2007
Today i excitedly went and purchased my sat nav, got it home went to register it to get the updates it needed..

To be told it was already register!
Rang garmin up, to be told infact yes it had already been registered to someone else :shock:
I bought it from an actual car shop, and paid the brand new price all the rest were....it doesnt say anywhere that it was a return etc , i got NO discount whatsoever.
When i rang Garmin up, they cant tell me who its been registered too - which is fair enough, but did tell me it WASNT registered to the shop itself....

Now where do i stand on the legal front on this, as ive rang the store, to be told theyll TRY and find me a replacement, anyone know the legal ins and outs of this?
As i belive ive seen someone this is an offence, as i bought 2nd hand goods, unaware and wasnt told about it either, and paid full, brand new price.

Cant see anything relating on TS's website

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have you tried ringing your local trading standards and asking them for advice?

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They shut at 5, im trying to have some facts by tomorrow morning.


Ask for a replacement or refund, they can't legally refuse. Give them the benefit of the doubt regarding the registration problem as they may not be aware that the customer who returned it had done so.

You can demand a refund from the shop under the sale of goods and supply of services act. They have mis-represented the product to yourself whether or not it was knowingly done is another matter, however they are obliged to give you a refund. Its down to the manager whether or not you get a gesture of good will (discount) i would be inclined to go to another shop myself.

(I knew my law degree would come in handy one day)
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