2nd SATA HDD not showing up in my computer?


    I've just installed a 2nd HDD in my tower & it did show up in the bios, it tried to boot from it so I swapped that round in the BIOS then restarted & went into XP OK, it then flashed up in the corner - new disk detected but still doesn't show up in my computer.

    It does show up in device manager but says
    Status: Not initialised
    Partition Style: Not Applicaable

    Any ideas what I can try, it's a seagate drive model: st3160211as



    Right click on the drive and initialise it!

    Original Poster

    lol - I tried that but it didn't let me right click on it in device manager - it's sorted now, I just found a disk management section and it lets me right click & initialise in there - it's formatting now.

    Shows how long it's been since I installed a HDD! I used to build PC's for a living back in the DOS\Win 3.1 days! I didn't even know there was a disk management section!


    LOL - sorry, when you said you were in the Device Manager I thought you meant Disk Management! You were so close Glad it's sorted!

    To be honest I think the behaviour from Windows with new drives is pretty stupid, I'd expect it to pop up a little wizard saying that it's found a new drive and ask what you'd like to do with it. I've quite frequently come across people who have installed a new drive correctly but not sure what to do to get it actually working.

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